About Us

Come and see authentic replicas of famous locomotives such as Flying Scotsman,  Papyrus and Mallard, just three of the numerous locomotives used on this model to haul crack expresses.

The West Riding Ltd and The Yorkshire Pullman are two of the many express trains depicted on the railway, along with many more mundane services, express freights, local freights, as well as local passenger services.

he period modelled is from the late 1940’s to the end of the British rail steam, with acknowledgement of the diesel era. It is in the operation of the railway that we have concentrated our efforts. Operating our railway is more complex than many a real preserved line, and conceivably requires equal operating skills to any real railway, in that the operator not only controls the pointwork and signals, but also is the driver of numerous trains.

The jewel in the crown is our model of Kings Cross a magnificent achievement in view of the fine detail incorporated into the model.

The passenger station can accommodate ten trains, the track work closely resembles the original , and incorporates some very complicated pointwork.